Masterclasses Plant theory 28 september 2017 and 16 November 2017

Alonnissos is organising again the masterclasses. There is great demand on behalf of the participants. A proposal to stop the Masterclasses was cancelled, as there is still a great need for more practice in applying the Plant theory.

The main topic will be the Plant theory, its application, new remedies and precisions. It will be centred around video cases and showing how to analyse a case and come to a precise correct prescription. In contrast to the seminar the emphasis will be on the training to apply the theory themselves. This will be done by working out cases in groups of 4 to 6 persons. The groups will discuss the case, analyse the themes and come to a classification according to Series Phases and Stages. The teacher will go from group to group to observe the discussions, guiding the group by questions and remarks about their procedure. This will enhance the different ways of thinking that help the analysis.

But the benefits are great. One homeopath expressed it as: “Yes using the Plant Theory has been worth it! Not just for my patients but also for me as a homeopath and also for Homeopathy. It has opened up the botanical world to homeopathy in an amazing way. This Theory has unlocked that world for homeopaths to navigate in a systematic way. Incredible!  I couldn’t practice effectively without it. It is how I felt after understanding the Element Theory.”

Masterclasses Plant theory

Teacher:        Jan Scholten

Dates:           28 september 2017 & 16 November 2017

Times:           9.30 to 17 o’clock.

Language:     English

Location:       Homeopathisch Artsencentrum Utrecht, Koningsweg 234, 3582 GM Utrecht