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Minerals in Plants 1

This book describes the use of minerals in homeopathy. De remedies that are discussed are mostly combination remedies, or salts. Especially unknown remedies are discussed, such as Calcium muriaticum en Barium fluoratum. Lorraine Taylor: Jan Scholten offers us a fascinating way to review our Materia Medica (in Homeopathic Links, 1994, no 2). Kees Dam: Jan Scholten has given a brilliant start for an enormous enrichment of our Materia Medica (in Simillima, 1993, no 2).


This is book is the result of analyzing the mineral content of 100 plants. By analyzing the contents of minerals in plants we can see which minerals are comparatively high or low. Then we can com- pare the medicinal properties and the homeopathic pictures of a minerals high in a plant with the properties and pictures of that plant.

Or we think of a mineral for a patient but the picture isn’’t fitting exactly we can in the table of that mineral and see which plants are having a high content of that mineral. Or we can project the picture of a plant or aspects of it from the contents of minerals.

A new way of looking at the medical properties of plants. ISBN 90-74817-06-8

Release Date Monday, 16 September 2013 Release Date of the Book